Mii Survivor: YA79 Miis vs. IAA2 Miis Again is the sixth season of Mii Survivor. YoungArtist79's Miis and IAmAwesome2's Miis face off again and fight for the million.

This season had many alliances formed to betray others, and many people led alliances. There were also a lot of arguments and power struggles. Bryan was on top the whole game, and won immunity and played a strategic game with an 8-1-0 vote over Francesca’s purely physical game and Tula’s under-the-radar game.


  • YA79 Miis vs. IAA2 MiisYoungArtist79's Miis and IAmAwesome2's Miis will face off each other on opposing tribes.
  • Hidden Immunity Idol: One idol will be hidden at both tribe camps.
  • Medallion of Power: The two tribes will also vie for a new item, the Medallion of Power. The tribe that currently hold the Medallion will have an option to have an advantage in challenges (i.e. shortcuts, less workload etc.). They can either use it or save it until the next challenge. However, once the Medallion is utilized, regardless of whether the host tribe won or lost the challenge, they must surrender it to the rival tribe. After the tribe switch, the Medallion was retired.
  • Less Physical Challenges: Aside from the Medallion of Power, challenges in this season will be more innovative and less physical.
  • Tribe Switch: Selected tribe members will be transferred to the rival tribe.
  • Double Tribal Council: Both tribes will go to Tribal Council and will vote somebody out, with one member of both tribes possessing individual Immunity.
  • Later Merge and 9-Person Jury: The Miis will merge at 12 and the Final 3 will face a jury of 9.


Bold= Made by YoungArtist79

Italics= Made by IAmAwesome2


The Miis were split into Fusion or Lunala, based on Mii creator. They had to find a "Medallion of Power" (Challenge advantage, but they must will it to the other team if used), and they'd win it for their team. Samantha found it, but gave it to Fusion in exchange for reward. The useless Gary was then voted out 7-3. Then Christopher for his lack of teamwork, then Clare for her bad challenge ability. Evan went away from the team and got caught, but played his idol and the weak Gonta got out.

There was a schoolyard pick tribe swap, with Zach and Mira and the captains. Mira picked first. In order of pick, the new Fusion had Zach, Evan, Brooke, Leo P., Bryan, Francesca, Robert, and MrBeast. The new Lunala had Mira, Paris, Elizabeth, Tula, Nugget, Emelia, and Samantha, and Johnny. The Medallion of Power was then retired. Elizabeth got voted out as Nugget's alliance labeled her the weakest. At a double TC, Zach got out of Fusion for his bossiness, and Paris was voted out of Lunala when a speech she made to stay backfired. Next, Mira was unanimously voted out for her concerning leadership.

The merge happened at 12. Leo P was the first out of the mergers for being in no alliances. After Robert betrayed his alliance, was was voted out. Samantha was then medically evacuated due to an infection. The likable Nugget then played an idol, preventing a unanimous vote, and the social, athletic Evan was voted out. Another idol played, this time by Emelia, and the Brooke's alliance betrayed her due to her bad attitude and she went out. Then the strategic, but annoying MrBeast. Then Emelia for going swimming away from everyone. Then Nugget for her work ethic and likability. The likeable, loyal, Johnny was voted out and became the final juror.

At Final Tribal Council, Tula received much criticism for hiding behind larger threats, as well as her poor work ethic and challenge ability. She got no votes to win. Francesca was criticized for her attitude throughout the game, but praised for her challenge ability. Only Evan voted for her to win. Bryan won out in the end for his challenge and strategic play, as well as being a "student of the game".

At the reunion, Nugget won Fan Favorite, with Johnny and Emelia as the runners-up. At the hot seats, Bryan discussed being the first male winner, Samantha discussed her evacuation, Nugget discussed her idol play at F9, Brooke discussed her alliance, and Zach discussed his bossiness being his fatal flaw and downfall.


Episode Medallion Owner Used? Reward winner Immunity winner Voted out
1 Fusion Yes Lunala gave it to fusion Lunala Gary (7-3)
2 Lunala No Lunala Lunala Christopher (5-4)
3 Lunala Yes Fusion Fusion Clare (8-2)
4 Fusion Yes Fusion Fusion Gonta (0-3-2)
5 Lunala Fusion Elizabeth (4-2-2)
6 Fusion Evan, Emelia Zach (5-3)

Paris (3-2-2)

7 Fusion Fusion Mira (5-1)
8 none Bryan, Emelia Leo P. (6-6)

REVOTE: (6-4)

9 Johnny, Evan, Nugget, Emelia, Tula Bryan Robert (6-4-1)
10 Emelia, MrBeast, Francesca, Evan, and Nugget Francesca Samantha (Medevac)
11 Bryan, Emelia, Francesca, MrBeast, and Johnny Francesca Evan (0-1)
12 none Tula Brooke (0-3-2)
13 Francesca (Invited Johnny and MrBeast Bryan MrBeast
14 Nugget (Invited Johnny and Tula) Bryan Emelia (3-2-1)






Nugget (4-1)

Johnny (2-1-1)

Reunion none Bryan (8 jury vote) Tula (No jury votes)

Francesca (1 jury vote)

Jury Votes

Tula Francesca Bryan
Leo P.


  • This is made from a S21 BrantSteele sim.
  • Again, there is no official cast photo, as YA79 does not have the IAA2 miis on his 3DS, and because of this, only a BrantSteele menu is used as Fusion's (the IAA2 Mii team), and the post-swap tribe photos.
  • Rather than use the default tribe names, YA79 named the tribes himself again (Aside from Fusion, the IAA2 Mii tribe) The name meanings are listed below.
    • Lunala (YA79 Miis)- A pokemon name
    • Fusion (IAA2 Miis)- Another style of music that IAmAwesome2 likes. It combines jazz harmonies and improvisation with R&B, funk, and rock.
    • Lunion (Merged tribe, named by them)- Combination of Lunala and Fusion.
  • Bryan is the first male winner!
  • Statistics:
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