Misaki 2
HAA 0051
Title Misaki 2
Gender Female
Favorite Color Brown
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Misaki 2 is a CPU Mii. Her friend is Misoka.

Wii Sports Edit

Misaki 2's Tennis level is 1205 and plays with Cathy, Addy, or Nellie. Her level is Baseball is 125 and has herself, Fatso, Elisa 2, Emma, Luca, Akira, Matt, Kentaro, and Abby. Her level in Boxing is Unknown.

Wii Sports Resort Edit

Misaki 2's level in Swordplay Duel and Speed Slice is 1000. Her level in Basketball is 12601 and plays with Fatso and Nellie. In Table Tennis her level is 1002.


Tennis: 1025

Baseball: 125

Table Tennis: 1002

Swordplay: 1200

Basketball: 12603