HAA 0077
Title Highest skilled Mii
Gender Male
Favorite Color Blue
Level Basketball: 9,000,000

Table Tennis: 10,960,000

Swordplay: 1 Quindezilliquingentillinillimillion

Motak is a CPU Mii.

Wii Sports

In Tennis, he is the champion with a skill of 10,000,394! He plays with Saxema or Zang-hou. In Baseball he is not the champion and only the second best. Motak plays on the team of Twex, the champion. Motak's Baseball team is himself, Twex, Juta, Iubana, Ugly, Waqinno, Auman, Winter, and Summer. His his skill level is 10,042,311. In Boxing he is also the champion. His skill is very very high at skill level 9,745,345. WARNING: He can K.O you with only 1 punch in 1 second! You unlock the Gold Gloves after defeating Motak.

Wii Sports Resort

In Basketball his skill is 9,000,000 and plays with Haxi and Radai-beng. In Table Tennis he is a super high Pro. His skill is 10,960,000. In Swordplay he is a champion. His skill in Swordplay is very very high and has a level of 1 Quindezilliquingentillinillimillion (93,000,000,006 zeros)! He uses the Platinum Sword and you can unlock it after defeating him. He is the boss of level 27 in Showdown.

Wii Sports Club

In Tennis, Motak is the champion. His Grade is ★75,000,000,001 and his partner is Eva. In Baseball his Grade is ★20 and he is the champion. In Boxing his Grade is ★10 and is the champion.
Wii Sports Resort - Table Tennis vs

Wii Sports Resort - Table Tennis vs. Motak

Motak in Table Tennis


  • The Reason Why Motak is the Highest Skilled Mii: Motak is smart.
  • He sometimes appears in New Wii Music game playing the piano.
  • His Japanese name is Motakku (モタック).
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