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Not to be confused with Nanami

Height: 114 cm
Title Cutie



Jade (English nickname)

Gender Female
Favorite Color Orange
Level Tennis: 950-1105 (often PRO)

Baseball: 890-990

Boxing: Unknown

Swordplay: 155-215

Basketball: 175-220

Table Tennis: 675-775

Cycling: 49th out of 98 (PRO)

Average: 607+

Total skill level; 2955.5 (Beginner)

Tennis: Level ★9

Baseball: Level 4

Boxing: Level 6

Nana (English nickname Jade) is a Mii in Wii Sports (Resort), Wii Sports Club and Wii Party (U).

Wii Sports

She is often a PRO in Tennis, and is very good in Baseball, being mostly a PRO there at maximum value. However, she does not play Boxing.

Wii Sports Resort

Her skills are significantly downgraded compared to those of original Wii Sports. She is not very good in Basketball and Swordplay. One the other hand, is a PRO in Cycling (second last PRO) and is quite good in Table Tennis.

Wii Sports Club

She, along with her twin sister, is extremely good in Tennis (at Level ★9), but is mediocre in Baseball (at Level 4) as a team captain. She also appears as a teammate as well, just like most Baseball Miis, regardless of the Team Leader's level. She is above-average in Boxing (at Level 6). She and her sister are the penultimate Tennis duo bosses who fight against you and your teammate together, before you face Barbara and Alice altogether.

Wii Party

She is in the Beginner difficulty.

Wii Party U

She is in the Beginner difficulty. There is a high chance that she is paired with Chiyo.

  • In Lap Happy, she is placed at 49:29 seconds.
  • In the Ice Spinners, there are high chances that she will either not make a pose or fall down to the ground at the end.


  • Voice: Type 8, high
  • Outfit(s): Maid Outfit and SSB T-Shirt (occasionally worn as a Gunner) (Kindergarten Getup for Mii Brawler role if fanon)
  • Role(s): Brawler, Swordfighter and Gunner


Cheerful, playful, docile, helpful, energetic, gentle, naive, outgoing, strong-willed and kind


  • Her Japanese name "なな" is the same as her English name.
  • Her name means "seven" and "spring greens" in Japanese. However, as she does not play Boxing (Wii Sports only), it does not correspond to how many sports she plays on Wii Sports Resort. 
  • She somewhat resembles Lucía due to the same favorite color and hairstyle (except that her hair is dark brown and that her skin is light pink).
  • If you have at least 950 skills in Tennis, there is a high chance that you will encounter her as a PRO.
  • Her name is an anagram of Anna.
  • Her birthday is June 15, 2015. (Generation Alpha)
  • Her height value is set to 2 and her weight value is set to 40.
    • This makes her the second miniscule of all Miis.
  • Her name is a diminutive nickname for both "Nanako" and "Nanase", both of which are Japanese feminine names.
  • After you beat Mizuho in Boxing, there is a very high chance that you will fight against Nana, if you are either still at or promoted to Level 5.
  • In the files of Miitopia, she is listed as Child.
  • Like Ursula (2), her face is vertically compressed for her Wii U and 3DS appearances.
  • Her country of origin is Japan.
  • Despite having red-pink blushes, her face appears as a Baby Mii in Cry Babies minigame. She is one of the Miis with facial features that exists as babies in Wii Party.
  • Her English name is similar to her Japanese name.
  • Her Wii Party U/Sports Club/Miitopia version is essentially the same as her Wii version, this time her face is vertically compressed to be more rounder, with her mouth and nose raised by one stage. Also, her eyes are converged together by one stage.
  • As she and Chiyo are both Beginner Miis, there is a high chance that you encounter them altogether as CPUs in Wii Party U when you are in 3/4-player mode.
  • Due to her baby-face and Moe-level appearance, she is arguably one of the cutest Miis in the entire Wii Sports (Club) and Wii Party (U) games. The same goes for her twin sister.
  • She is always right-handed. 
  • She and Luna are the only Beginner Miis in Wii Party with that hairstyle.
  • She is an only Beginner Mii in Wii Party U with that hairstyle.
  • She is 6 years old.
  • In Wii Music, she performs as a cheerleader, like Misaki.
  • She is an only CPU in Wii Sports who is often a PRO in Tennis.
  • She and Chiyo are the only Child Mii to have their hair worn in low pigtails.
  • She is an only Child Mii with that hairstyle.
  • She and Chiyo are the only Beginner Miis in Wii Party U with dot nose and those eyes.
  • She plays with Chiyo in Tennis in Wii Sports Club as twin sisters, as they share the same level. When the player encounters these duo, they are referred to as "The Cutie Sister Duos". However, they are not on the same levels of The Smash Sisters, as they are one level behind, while they are still PROs.
  • Despite being a PRO in Tennis, she is a Beginner Mii in Wii Party U. There is a chance that she is paired with Chiyo when you choose her as a Beginner CPU there.
  • Her English nickname is Jade.

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