Naoki (pronounced "nay-oh-key") is a Mii that appears in Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. His total skill level by least amount of skill he can have in each sport is 5993. His total skill level by most amount of skill he can have in each sport is 6022.


Naoki has a round head with blue eyes and a rather "normal" facial expression, only to be interrupted by his unsure smile.

Wii Sports

In Tennis, Naoki has a skill level of 1800, making him a very hard opponent to beat (there is a 1/2 chance you can face him instead of Maria), and he is always paired with Katsuro. In Boxing, he has a very low skill of 201 - 232 and this is the only sport he appears to be bad at.

Wii Sports Resort

In Table Tennis, Naoki has a high skill level of 1445, just about 54 or 55 shy of Lucía's (he also has the hotel slipper paddle). In Swordplay Duel, he has a skill level of 998 - 1002, making him one of the first Pro Class Miis, and in Swordplay Speed Slice he has a slightly above-average level of 766 - 774. In Basketball he has a skill level of 788 - 796 and his team usually consists of Daisuke and Ren, Shinnosuke and Katsuro, or Michael and Katsuro. Naoki only appears 7 out of 20 stages in Swordplay Showdown with various armors.

Wii Party

Naoki appears in Wii Party as well, but he only appears in crowds, and is the coach of the mini-game "Tilting Tightropes".


  • His original name was intended to be an American name.
  • He seems to be closely related to Katsuro in facial features.
  • Defeating him in Table Tennis does not unlock the shoe paddle even if he does have it (you can get it by beating Lucía and holding down the 1 button when selecting your Mii and don't let go until the game starts).
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