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Songs, and artists, that are not allowed to be added are found here.


Artist Reason
Cupcakke Too inappropriate
R. Kelly Rapist
6ix9ine Pedophile and rapist
Khia Too inappropriate, one-hit wonder
KIDZ BOP Cover artist, not well liked enough
MAGIC! One hit wonder
Kanye West Too controversial
Alison Gold YA79's least favorite singer, not well liked enough
Jake Paul Do we need to explain?


Song Artist Reason
Baby Justin Bieber Not well liked enough
Friday Rebecca Black Not well liked enough
Blurred Lines Robin Thicke Too controversial
Stupid H** Nicki Minaj Too inappropriate, not well liked enough
Anaconda Nicki Minaj Too inappropriate, ripoff
Any song from Bayonetta, or Metal Gear Various Not well liked enough, could cause controversy
Barbie Girl Aqua Too inappropriate
Jam (Turn it Up) Kim Kardashian Not well liked enough
Mo Bamba Sheck Wes Too inappropriate


Genre Reason
ARK Music Factory songs Not well liked enough
Dirty rap Too inappropriate
Pornogrind Too inappropriate
Dirty blues Too inappropriate
Earrape It's Earrape
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