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New Wii Party is the sequel to Wii Party for the Wii video game console. It will never be released (although the community on My Miis Wiki wish it did!) It is a game that features a gameplay that often needs more than two players. A sequel to Wii Party U and New Wii Party, New Wii Party U, was released for the Wii U. There also is another sequel to Wii Party and New Wii Party, Wii Party 3.


New Wii Party has 3 types of modes. House Party Games, Party Games & Pair Games.

House Party Games are games that use the Wii Remote, they involve 2-4 players. The House party games are:

  • Animal Tracker
  • Hide 'n' Hunt
  • Time Bomb
  • Word Bomb
  • Buddy Quiz

Party Games is where 4 people go against each other. The Party Games are:

  • Board Game Island
  • Globe Trot
  • Swap Meet/Mii of a Kind
  • Spin-Off
  • Bingo

Pair Games are where two people help or go against each other in different types of games. The Pair Games are:

  • Friend Connection
  • Balance Boat
  • Match-Up

There are also Minigame modes, they are:

  • Free Play
  • Battle Mode
  • Solo Mode
  • Challenge Mode

In New Wii Party, there are a variety of minigames. They consist of five types. The host of the game who appears a lot of the time's name is Party Phil. He will help you through everything in the game and you will see him regularly.

Some minigames got lost in development.

Differences from the original Wii Party

New Wii Party differs from the original in that there are more CPU Miis to play against. Another notable difference is the difficulty level Advanced Master. This difficulty level can only be unlocked by beating a CPU on the Master difficulty.


  • When you play with a Mii that has lipstick, its lipstick is always red, which happens to some of the CPU Miis as well. (Although the lipstick doesn't change when you pick a Mii with red lipstick.)
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