New Wii Sports Club, sometimes refered to as Wii Sports Club Deluxe, is a game for the Wii U and Nintendo Switch and the fourth installment in the Wii Sports series. This is the second Wii Sports game for the Wii U. Like Wii Sports Resort, this game makes full use of the Wii MotionPlus accessory or Wii Remote Plus on Wii U, and on Nintendo Switch, uses HD Rumble for Joy Cons.


In the game, the player can compete with other people around the world in games, or have a local game to improve their skills. The game has different clubs the player can represent for their country and are locked into that club for 24 hours. Unlike Wii Sports Club, The game can be bought on eShop or on disc.


The game introduced 110 new CPU Miis in New Wii Sports Club.


  • There are more clubs available for players to join.
  • In the Switch version, the motion controls are more accurate and precise.
  • In the Switch version of Baseball, the pitcher will just use a Joy-Con.
  • In the Switch version of Golf, the GamePad is unused.
  • The CPU Miis from previous Wii Sports games have been dropped in favor of new ones.
  • The graphics are improved even more, and are brighter and more colorful.
  • In Tennis, CPU matches return.
  • The announcer's voice has been changed to a younger male voice.
  • In Boxing, you can use the nunchuck and Wiimote for Wii U.
  • In Baseball, the announcer will say "hit", instead of single

Miis that debuted in New Wii Sports Club

New Wii Sports Club / New Wii Party U / Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

AaronAkaAlejandroAlexAlf Jr.AlinaAmberAntonyAshleyAvrilBarritBrentonBrittanyCameronCaraCarlCedricCharlieCharlotteClaraClemontClydeCourtlinDaltonDeShawnDevinDiegoEddieEuniceFredrikaGabrielaGenoGingerGinnyGoroHarryIsabelleJ.P.JaclynJaxonJimmyJohnJordanJoseJuanJunKarishmaKateKaylaKhristineKireinaKonsukeKourtneyLaurenLilyLoganLucianaLuisMandyMarcyMarinaMarkMatthewMichaelMizukiNareemNicholasNinaNoahOliviaOminaOscarPabloPaigeParvatiPatPercelaPiperRaveenaReddReginaReoRileyRitaRosieRyoRyujiSachiaSaffronSakuraSandraSangeetaSanjaySebastianSherrySkylaSofíaSophiaStellaStephanieStevenSusannaTakeruTharjaThomasTomTrishnaValentinoWestonYua


  • Certain Mii Maker characters (such as macrons) will appear as "?" when playing this game. This likely means the game can not read them, so they appear as a ? mark.
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