Oshawott is a mii based in a pokemòn. In baseball is a pro with 999 skill point in the team with snivy, tepig, cubchoo, pikachu and tennis is a pro with 888 skill point and teams with snivy. In boxing has 999. In golf has 999. In wii sports resort has 99999 in basketball and teams with snivy. He is married with snivy and has 1 son

Wii Sports 

In Wii Sports, Oshawott is a PRO in tennis has 1000 skill point in baseball has 1987 in boxing 1876 and in golf 1000 skill level. 

Wii Sports Resort 

In Wii Sports Resort, Oshawott plays basketball and teams with snivy and him skill level his 99999.


  • He is based in the pokemon of the same name 
Title PRO
Gender Male
Favorite Color Blue
Level 999
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