Paskom is a CPU Mii.

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Title Paskom
Gender Male
Favorite Color Pink
Level {{{level}}}

Wii Sports

In Tennis he is a Quint Pro. His skill is 5230-5799. In Boxing his level is 7300. In Baseball he always hits the ball out of the park. When he throws the ball the speed of the ball is 1,000,000 m/h. His level is 5050.

Wii Sports Resort

In Table Tennis his skill is 3343. In Basketball his skill is 2938 and plays with someone and Marie. In Swordplay his level is 5023.

Wii Party

He is an Advanced Master CPU. His friend connection is 76 with Benjamin, 76 with Joey, 68 with Giovanni, 68 with Orville, 58 with Sergio, 88 with Dwight, 58 with Alberto, and 88 with Dominik.

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