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Rebecca is an omnipotent Goddess and CPU Mii. Rebecca can be faced in any sport, however, she is the "level cap" CPU, meaning she is the final CPU in every sport and is almost impossible to defeat without the use of hacks. She is meant to be the barrier so that you cannot go further and ultimately destroy yourself with your own skill level. Defeating her requires perfect gameplay, making zero mistakes, and basically endless hours of trying over and over again. She also poses as the CPU Trainer and Sports Judge/Umpire for all other CPU Miis and sports. Rebecca trains with CPUs to increase their skill level and teach them more about the sports they specialize in. Rebecca is the decision-maker, judge, and basically the most basic principle of how sports works. She decides who wins, loses, and which CPUs go against who. Her skill level in all sports in all games in Infinity. If you end up defeating Rebecca in a sport, you will gain the corresponding Cosmic Item!

Wii Sports

In all sports, she is the second-to-last opponent, posing as the barrier / level cap. In Bowling, she owns the bowling alley. In Golf, she holds the world record for 9-Hole, at -22. In all sports, she is the final opponent, posing as the barrier / level cap. In Tennis she doubles with Juan Manuel initially, but when you defeat her in a match, she doubles with Guru Ant. In Baseball her team is Ella, Shane Dawson, Sophie, Rasta, Funta, Christine, Jon, and Ariella. She also appears on Guru Ant's team as a teammate.

Wii Sports Resort

In all sports that you face CPUs in, Rebecca is the final opponent, posing as the level barrier and preventing you from moving forward. Her skill level in all sports is Infinity.

She is the boss of Level 55 (the final level) in Swordplay Showdown. Rebecca has one hundred hearts, and can one-hit KO you. Be careful!

Wii Sports Club

In all sports, her Grade is ★∞. She again, poses as the level barrier, preventing you from moving forward.

Wii Party

In Wii Party, Rebecca is one of the three Champion Miis in single-player mode. In multiplayer mode, she is an Advanced Master Mii. She holds all of the top scores in every mini-game, all of which can only be tied at best.


  • You can earn her badge for every 500 edits you make on "Female Miis" articles.
  • Rebecca is one of only two CPU Miis to have a skill level of infinity, the other being Guru Ant.
    • However, Rebecca is the only CPU Mii with a skill level of Infinity that is female.
  • She isn't a human, she is a Goddess. She is also the only CPU Mii to be a goddess.
  • She is married to Guru Ant. Their son is Gabuboi.
  • In New Wii Music, she can be seen teaching Motak advanced Piano pieces as well as conducting top-level orchestras. In her artwork, she plays the Harp.
  • In Wii Play, she operates all the enemy tanks (something she actually isn't very good at)
  • The Mii with the opposite of her skills is Cool Cat.
  • In Mr. Person mode, she and Guru Ant are the only Miis not replaced.