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Title SMG4
Gender Male
Favorite Color Blue
Level Tennis: 850

Baseball: 1936-2034

Boxing: 386-494

Swordplay: 6013

Basketball: 11773

Table Tennis: 2833



SMG4 is a Mii that debuted in Wii Sports.

Wii Sports

In Wii Sports, SMG4 is decent. In Tennis, he has a skill level of 850. He pairs with Mario, Pierre, or David. In Baseball, his level is 1936-2094 and plays with Halifaxo, Jimmy Neutron, Mikey, Enrique, Addy, Luigi, Nathaniel Bandy, and Zelda. In Boxing his level is 386-494.

Wii Sports Resort

SMG4 improves greatly in Wii Sports Resort. In Swordplay, his level is 6013. In Basketball, his level is 11773 and plays with TWD98 and Arthur. In Table Tennis his level is 2833.


  • He was based off of the character from the YouTube channel SMG4 of the same name.
    • SMG4 is prodced by Kevin and Luke Lerdwichagul (pronounced "lerd-WICH-a-gul")
  • His full name is SuperMarioGlitchy4.
  • In IAmAwesome2's Tomodachi Life, he is married to Kate.
    • They had a daughter, Madison.
  • You can see him here.