Title Golf Champion
Gender Male
Favorite Color Black
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Saxema is a CPU Mii.

Fast Tennis - Wii Sports Club

Fast Tennis - Wii Sports Club

This is a video how Saxema plays Wii Sports Club Tennis.

Wii SportsEdit

In Tennis he uses a Diamond Racket and plays with Motak and &. His level is 7,824,119. In Baseball he is a very very high Pro and uses a Diamond Bat. When he throws the ball over 1 billon km/h. It is impossible to win against him. He will always win. His skill is 10,959,423. In Boxing he is a super super high Pro and uses Diamond Gloves. He needs only one hit and you are KO'd. It is impossible to win against him. Saxema's level is 9,999,997. In Bowling he uses a diamond Ball. His skill is so high that he makes always Strikes! It is impossible to win against him. His level is 10,959,110-10,959,525.

Wii Sports ResortEdit

In Table Tennis his skill is very very high. His level is 8,777,733 and is a Pro. In Basketball he uses a Diamond Ball (He gets 10 extra points). It is impossible to get points you will always have 0 points. When you lose your skill will be on 0 (-your skill). It is impossible to win against him. His skill is 4,888,666. In Swordplay he is a high Pro. His level is only 1975. In Archery he gets always 10 points and 5 extra points. Press - and + when the game starts. When you hits the 10 points you will get 10 points and 6 extra points (1 extra point more then Saxema).