Sebastian is a CPU Mii.

Sebastian Mii
Title title
Gender Male
Favorite Color orange
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Wii Sports

In Tennis, Sebastian is not good at the sport, and his skill level is 82-85. He plays with Miyu and Shinnosuke. In Baseball, his level is 87 and his team members are Chris, Martin, Fumiko, Misaki, Silke, Jessie, Abby, and Kentaro. In Boxing, he is also not very good, with a level of 153.

Wii Sports Resort

In Swordplay, he is good at the sport, and has a skill level of 928. In Table Tennis, he is good, but has a little lower skill level around 700 or 720. In Basketball, his skill level is 1678 and plays with Jaxmodill40 and Andrew.

Wii Party

  • In Wii Party, he is an Advanced CPU.
  • He is Extremely similar to Chris from Wii Sports, They are exactly the same except for their freckles, favorite color, glasses, and freckles with a few smaller things.
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