For the Mii used in Kate the youtuber's channel, see Shunta (Kate the youtuber).

Shunta is a CPU Mii. Pronounced "shoon-ta".


Wii Sports

In Tennis his level is 3500 and plays with Funta. In Baseball his level is 825-1013 (Sometimes PRO). His team is himself, Eva, Theodore, Jackie, Michael, Alvin, Keiko, Kathrin, and Julie. He appears on the teams of Victor, Shouta, Theo, Saburo, Billy, Sarah, Emily, and Rin. In Boxing, his level is 456.

Wii Sports Resort

In Swordplay, his level is 12431. In Basketball his level is 12469 and has Funta and you're gum on his team. His level in Table Tennis is 12933.


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