Sonic is a fan mii. He is Ranked #1

Sonic Sports

He is a high pro in Tennis with 1400-1500 and plays with the champion Amy. But when you don’t face The champion he will play with tails. In Baseball he is a pro with 1300-1500 (The 3rd Best Player). In Soccer he is also a high pro with 1200-1250 (The 3rd Best Player) and his team consists Amy, Tails, and Metal Sonic. In Boxing he is a pro with 1200-1500 (The 4th Best Player)

Sonic Sports Resort

He is the best Mii. Showing his best skills. Even better than Amy, Tails, And Cream. In Karate he is the vice champion with 1490-1495 Points. With only Bark being better. In Table Tennis he is also the vice champion with 1495-1500 Points. With only Cream being better. In Basketball he is a pro with 1050-1055 and his team consists Tails, and Dark Sonic. He plays on the teams of Amy and Tikal. He is a pro in Archery with 1400-1405 Points. In Frisbee Golf he is a pro with 1000-1005 Points. Making him an early pro class. And he plays with Spectra. He plays on Tails Team. He is the champion in Cycling coming 1st out of every race.

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