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Swordplay Plus is additional features to Swordplay that are found in New Wii Sports Resort.

Duel Extra Stages

Swordplay Plus grants extra stages for Swordplay Duel. They are unlocked by beating a specific Mii.

  1. Arena at Night: Unlocked by defeating Parker. Press and hold (-) at the loading screen, and you will play at night. If you are facing Haxi, you will automatically play at night.
  2. The Queen Peach: (Moves players around slowly) Unlocked by defeating Momel
  3. Misy's Random Arena: (Changes each time with 10 possibilities) Unlocked by defeating Misy
  4. Wedge Island Arena: Unlocked by defeating Ay
  5. Maka Wuhu: (Lava arena) Unlocked by defeating Cooper
  6. Haxi's Airship (Wind blows players sometimes) Unlocked by defeating Haxi
  7. Motak's Ultimate Castle: (Champion's Arena) Unlocked by defeating Motak
  8. Soda Can's Underwater Labyrinth: Unlocked by defeating Soda Can
  9. Rebecca's Factory: (Machines can squish players) Unlocked after defeating Rebecca
  10. Guru Ant's Domain: (True Champion's Area) Unlocked after defeating Guru Ant

In order to select a special stage, select the stage after selecting your Mii.

Showdown Special Stages

Swordplay Plus also grants special stages for Swordplay Showdown. There are 35 in total. The first stage is unlocked after beating Level 20 in the original Swordplay Showdown. Beat one stage to unlock the next.

Level 21: Wuhu Town: (Cars come through this area, and they can hit 1-hit KO you.)

Level 22: Cave (Heart of Maka Wuhu)

Level 22 1/2: Private Island (Unlocked after defeating level 22 with three hearts)

Level 23: Grotto (Introduces climbing)

Level 24: Queen Peach (Enemies attack from other boats. You fight the boss and guards in the boat)

Level 25: Planes (Enemies parachute onto your big plane, or attack from other planes)

Level 26: Bridge and Boulevard (Enemies can jump from the bridge to attack). Headless Monks start to appear here.

Level 27: Hotel (You go up the hotel floor by floor as you go on; eventually you have to make it to the top)

Level 28: Tunnel (Darker than most other stages)

Level 29: Misy's Random Island (Changes every time between five different islands)

Level 30: Demon's Run (Opponents are the Headless Monks, and they will kill you with one blow.)

Level 31: Whale Shark (Enemies attack from inside the blimp)

Level 32: Sky Station (5000 feet above Wuhu Island, and you can fall. That kills you)

Level 33: Wedge Island (Water hazards and Bunkers included)

Level 34: Lagoon (You can go in water)

Level 35: Mii Castle (Includes all bosses from levels 1-34)

Level 36: Cooper's Lair (Includes lava hazards. They leave you with 1 heart!)

Level 37: Stage Mashup (Includes all stages in one. You start out with six lives instead of three.)

Level 38: Wuhu Town Reverse (You start out with three lives, as normal.)

Level 39: Cave Reverse

Level 40: Grotto Reverse

Level 41: Queen Peach Reverse

Level 42: Planes Reverse

Level 43: Bridge and Boulevard Reverse

Level 44: Hotel Reverse

Level 45: Tunnel Reverse

Level 46: Misy's Random Island Reverse

Level 47: Demon's Run Reverse

Level 48: Whale Shark Reverse

Level 49: Sky Station Reverse

Level 50: Wedge Island Reverse

Level 51: Lagoon Reverse

Level 52: Mii Castle Reverse- This includes all Showdown bosses from levels 1-51.

Level 53: Cooper's Lair Reverse

Level 54: Stage Mashup Reverse- Arguably the hardest level in the game that is not secret. Defeating this stage unlocks the super-secret level 55, where Rebecca is the boss.

Super-Secret Level 55

Level 55- Rebecca is the boss. Defeating this stage unlocks the super-duper-secret level 56, where Guru Ant is the boss.

Super-Duper-Secret Level 56

Level 56- Guru Ant is the boss. The actual hardest stage in the game, with all stages and all Miis have 100 hearts (excluding Guru Ant, who has 100,000,000 hearts).


These are the bosses of secret levels 21-55.

Level 21- Carl

Level 22- Noval

Level 22 1/2: Cathy

Level 23- Addy

Level 24- Nellie

Level 25- Ay

Level 26- Zang-hou

Level 27- Motak

Level 28- Ying-bon

Level 29- Misy

Level 30- Big Headless Monk (In level 30, your opponents are the Headless Monks, and they will kill you with one blow.)

Level 31- Funta

Level 32- Jippy

Level 34- Fatso

Level 35- Nate

Level 36- Cooper

Level 37- Bruce Lee

Level 38- Hector

Level 39- Hilvi

Level 40- Suki

Level 41- Mario

Level 42- Luigi

Level 43- Angus

Level 44- Albert

Level 45- Serena

Level 46- Misy

Level 47- Nugi

Level 48- Corrin

Level 49- Christina

Level 50- Moony Milk

Level 51- Kate

Level 52- Dave Ramsey

Level 53- Soda Can

Level 54- Haxi

Level 55- Rebecca (Final Boss) (She has 100 hearts, and can one-hit kill you. Be careful!) Defeating her grants you the cosmic saber!

Level 56- Guru Ant (True Final Boss) (He has 1,000,000 hearts, and can also one-hit kill you AND can sneak-attack you. Be careful now!)

Score Mode

Score Mode is a mode in Swordplay Plus that is unlocked by completing Level 56. In Score Mode, attacking some enemies will give you certain scores. (an example is Brazilian Eggman, who awards 4000 points every time you defeat him.) Any stage can be played in Score Mode. Defeating Guru Ant gives you 1000000 points, along with unlocking Score Mode+, where points are doubled, but enemies are harder.