Total Skill Level calculates only the total of skill and grades.

How to Calculate (Wii)

  • If the level is X-X (number(min) to number(max)) take the skill level value that's in the middle.
  • If the Mii doesn't play boxing, mark them down as having a zero skill level for that sport.
  • If the Mii comes out as the first place in Cycling, they get 100. If they come in last place, they get 1. All other Miis have their rank like this.
  • Give the Mii points based on their difficulty on Wii Party (Rank number x10). For example, Carlos' Wii Party Ranking is 40, so is Billy's, however Cole Bazaliy's level in Wii Party is 10, so is Areeg's.

How to Calculate (Wii U)

  • If the level doesn't have a star, it counts as their actual score.
  • If the level does have a star, it counts as the score +10. For instance, ★1 would be worth 11, ★2 would be worth 12, and so on.
  • If the Mii is a coach only, give them 0 points for Boxing, because he/she doesn't fight against the opponent.
  • If the Mii is a teammate only, give them 1 point for Baseball and nothing else.
    • But if the Mii appears as a teammate only and has a level in other sports, give them one point and also the points of their other ranks, too.
  • In Wii Party U, it's the same as Wii Party.

Wii Generation

  1. Guru Ant (Infinity+)
  2. Rebecca (Infinity)
  3. Motak (49748050 + 10^93,000,000,006)
  4. Christina (11292.5)
  5. Dave Ramsey (8619.5)
  6. Azami (7841.5)
  7. Angus (6072)
  8. Malte (4853)
  9. Billy (4040)
  10. Shigeru (2760)
  11. Montgomery (326.5)

Wii U Generation

  1. Rebecca (Infinity)
  2. Motak (750000000110)
  3. Shichiro (280)
  4. Makiko (250)
  5. Christina (120)
  6. Cole Bazaliy (102)
  7. Mabel (96)
  8. Haru-Sarah (12)
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