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Title Ursula


Baseball Beginner (Wii Sports)

Boxing Beginner (Wii Sports Club)

Gender Female
Favorite Color Yellow
Level Tennis: 1000-1050 (PRO)

Baseball: 0-75 (beginner)

Boxing: Unknown

Swordplay: 107-185

Basketball: 488-495

Table Tennis: 760-885

Cycling: 55th out of 98

Average: 567+

Total skill level: 3209.5 (Standard)

Tennis (Wii Sports Club): Level ★6

Baseball (Wii Sports Club): Level 2

Boxing (Wii Sports Club): Level 1

Ursula is a Mii in Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, Wii Sports Club, Wii Party and Wii Party U. She is a Standard CPU.


She has a burnt sienna-brown bob-cut hair with brown eyes, fair skin, blushes, side-smiling mouth and a small reverse U-shaped nose. (Her Wii U and 3DS counterpart is essentially the same, but is vertically compressed, as does with her eyes by one stage, and with a faint pink shade of flesh (right below the default skin color in Wii U or Switch)).

Wii Sports

She is a PRO in Tennis, scoring at 1000 to 1050. However, her skill is quite horrible in Baseball, starting with the 0 skill up to 75. She will be a first CPU to encounter for new players whenever they lose against Elisa. The chances of encountering her upon defeat by Elisa will be moderate to high. Whenever you lose against her, Kenny G  will be your opponent. If you beat him, you will get to Ursula once again (depending on your skills earned), and then Elisa or higher (if you win against her. Again, that possibility depends on how many skills you earned). She does not perform splitters but only fastballs and curevballs in Baseball, making her a very easy enemy to fight against for beginners. She does not play Boxing.

Wii Sports Resort

She is awful in Swordplay, only scoring from 107 to 185. She is okay and quite challenging with Basketball and Cycling (even as a non-PRO in that sport), being 488-495 and 55th out of 98th place, respectively. She is very good in Table Tennis, scoring from 760 to 885. In Table Tennis, she can be seen using a hotel slipper as a table tennis racket. While she is very awful in Swordplay, do not let your guard down as she will strike you unnoticed.

Wii Sports Club

She is a Beginner CPU. She is very good as a Pro in Tennis at ☆6, but is extremely awful in Baseball (though somewhat better compared to how she was in Wii Sports) and Boxing (on par with Matt), both at level 2 and 1, respectively.

Wii Party

She is a Standard Mii.

Wii Party U

She is a Beginner Mii.

SSBU data

  • Voice: Type 8, high
  • Outfit(s): SSB T-Shirt (Kindergarten uniform for Brawler if fanon version of SSBU)
  • Role(s): Bralwer, Swordfighter, Gunner


  • In the files of Miitopia, she is listed as Child.
  • According to internal datas, she is Japanese-American in origin.
  • She is one of the Wii Sports Club Boxing CPUs that are beginners.
  • Her Japanese name is ウルズラ (Uruzura).
  • Her Korean name is 우슬라 (Useulla).
  • She is always right-handed.
  • She stands 132 cm tall.
  • She is the niece of Frederick.
  • Her facial appearance remains the same in Wii U and 3DS games, except that her head is vertically compressed, and her eyes being compressed by one level.
  • In Wii Music, she can be seen playing with a harmonica.
  • Not counting those with negative skill level, she and Kenny G are the worst of all Baseball players, with their least skill level of 0. However, with her values ranging from 0 to 75. She is technically the second worst Baseball player.
  • There exists her Wii Party U/Wii Sports Club-exclusive older sister lookalike named Nancy.
  • Her name comes from the Latin word for "female bear". Unfortunately, her name's origin do not correspond to her overall skill level in terms of power.


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