My Mii

This is my user page, nothing to see here. I only make significant user page edits on the Wii Sports Wiki

If you need help with anything, contact me on my message wall or another admin.

Names you can call me: Dadpleaseno, Matt, DPN

Edit Streak: 99/365 (Streak badges earned: Gwen, Pierre, Jackie, Hayley)

Miis I've made

Here's a list of Miis I've made.

Category:Dadpleaseno's Miis

Favorites/Least Favorites

Favorites/Least Favorites Favorite Least Favorite
CPU Mii (WSR) Matt/Martin Takumi
CPU Mii (WSC) Cheng-Han/Joseph Haruka
Mii I made Myself/Brent /Scott the Woz None
WS Sport Boxing Golf
WSR Sport Swordplay Canoeing
WSC Sport Boxing none
IRL Sport Soccer Basketball
Movie Avengers: Endgame The Amazing Bulk
Musical artist none (yet) none (yet)
Band none (yet) none (yet)
Song Anything from Miitopia Last Christmas
Video Game Miitopia/Tomodachi Life Fortnite/Any bad WiiWare game
TV Show America Ninja Warrior/The Office Anything cringeworthy
Color Red Boring colors, like Beige
YouTuber Scott the Woz/PeanutButterGamer Jaystation/Morgz/Ricegum
Scott the Woz character Scott/Wendy's Employee None, they're all good
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