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Names you can call me: Dadpleaseno, Matt, DPN

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Miis I've made

Here's a list of Miis I've made.

Dadpleaseno's Miis

AbbyAlbertAlexander HamiltonAlfredAntonArchieBenBob the Tomato from VeggietalesBrentBus Driver WaluigiBylethCallMeCarsonChadtronicCharbaraChromColtonConnorConwaycscoopCupCurtisDeluxeDr. Goomba StackDream YoutoozDundundunEastFailboatFreddy FazbearGeorgeNotFound YoutoozGold MarioHarubbyHiker WarioHugboxI want dieIkeJasJayjschlattJuliesJustinKillianLindsayLonkLucasLucinaMarthMasahiro SakuraiMasonMattMattMarieMarinaMii BrawlerMii GunnerMii SwordfighterMikehaelMonikaMr. PersonNaomiNMeadeNorthOdinPBGPennyPiranha PlantProJaredQuinnReggie Fils-AimeRoySamSamSamanthaSansSatoru IwataScott the WozShigeru MiyamotoLego ShoheiShohintaSilver MarioSimonSlimecicleSMG4SonyaSophiaSouthSpacehamsterSteveSvenSword0fSealsTechnoblade YoutoozTed NivisonToddtravesTriangleTWD98TylerUsherVincenzitzWestWilbur SootWilbur Soot YoutoozXanderYonekozxzxbeard

Favorites/Least Favorites

Favorites/Least Favorites Favorite Least Favorite

Males: Matt/Martin

Females: Abby/Giovanna

Males: Takumi/Vincenzo

Females: Steph/Kathrin


Males: Cheng-Han/Joseph

Females: Marie/Laura

Females: Haruka/Faustine

Males: Matt/Eduardo

Mii I made Myself/Brent /Scott the Woz None
Mii here (Not mine) no clue tbh, there's a lot of good ones Dillon (fake Michael Tutori)
WS Sport Boxing Golf
WSR Sport Swordplay Canoeing
WSC Sport Boxing none
IRL Sport Soccer Basketball
Movie Avengers: Endgame The Amazing Bulk
Musical artist none (yet) none (yet)
Band none (yet) none (yet)
Song Anything from Miitopia Last Christmas
Video Game Miitopia/Tomodachi Life Fortnite/Any bad WiiWare game
TV Show America Ninja Warrior/The Office Anything cringeworthy
Color Red Boring colors, like Beige
YouTuber Scott the Woz/PeanutButterGamer Jaystation/Morgz/Ricegum
Scott the Woz character Scott/Wendy's Employee None, they're all good

Note: I got the idea to make this from Great Soup!.

Best Male Mii from Wii Sports (and best Mii in the entire series)

Matt (WS)

Best WS mii
  • Shares a name with me! :D
  • Very unique
  • The only double champion
  • I feel bad for him, because he was a meme.
  • Helps you get better at boxing
  • Has been my favorite Mii since 2010, when I got my Wii
  • Best Master Mii

My boi right here! Way better than the other Matt. While yes, he is a tiny bit overrated, I don't really care. Also, f*ck the memes. I hate them because they made people hate Matt.

Honorable mentions for favorite male in WSR: Martin, Akira, Luca, Kentaro

Best Female Mii from Wii Sports


  • Cute!
  • Has the same name as one of my best friends
  • Helpful in tennis
  • Married to Martin (my second favorite WS Mii) on TL
  • Best friends with Marie (my favorite WSC female) on TL
  • Best beginner Mii (Deserved at least advanced)

Note that my liking for her has absolutely nothing to do with Poofesure.

Honorable mentions for favorite female in WSR: Giovanna, Haru, Ashley, Tomoko

Best Male Mii from Wii Sports Club


Best WSC mii
  • Appears in the intro to my favorite game
  • Best baseball teammate!
  • Looks like an emo teen (imo), which I like
  • Looks like the brother of Hyun-woo
  • Almost possible to make on the Wii
  • Helped me beat Matt (WS) in boxing for the first time
  • Best advanced Mii!

Best WSC boi! On average, he's the most liked WSC CPU! I know literally no one who doesn't like him!

Honorable mentions for favorite male in WSC: Joseph, Guillermo, William, Frank

Best Female Mii from Wii Sports Club


Best WSC female
  • Very cute
  • Underrated
  • Best friends with Abby on my TL
  • Helpful in tennis
  • Best expert Mii!

I know that most, if not all people will disagree with me here, but Marie is actually cute and nothing will make me hate her!

Honorable mentions for favorite female in WSC: Laura, Clara, Xixi, Susie

Worst Male Mii from Wii Sports


  • Extremely annoying in Baseball
  • Didn't deserve to be in black armor
  • Disgusting face
  • Annoying as a Master Mii

Burn in hell with Faustine, where you both belong!

Horrible mentions for least favorite male in WSR: Vincenzo, Mike, Chris, Daisuke


Worst Female Mii from Wii Sports


  • Annoyance in baseball
  • Ugly AF
  • Boring
  • Worst boss in Showdown
  • Awful Master Mii

My original least favorite. You should've never existed, you worthless garbage!

Horrible mentions for least favorite female in WSR: Kathrin, Helen, Sakura, Yoshi

Worst Male Mii from Wii Sports Club

Matt (WSC)

Trash 3.0
  • Is the direct opposite of my favorite Mii
  • Awful expert Mii
  • Looks related to one of my favorite Miis, and I hate it
  • His only redeeming quality is his design.

If you had a different name, maybe I would actually like you.

Horrible mentions for least favorite male in WSC: Eduardo, Hee-joon, Kentaro, Yuya


Worst Female Mii from Wii Sports Club (and the worst Mii in the entire series)


Haru if she was made by great value
  • Annoying baseball teammate
  • Catches my balls EVERY TIME she's on the other team
  • People say she's cute, but I just don't see how she could be
  • Looks like a spoiled brat
  • Extremely overrated
  • Ripoff of Haru
  • Creepy
  • A huge annoyance in Highway Rollers


Horrible mentions for least favorite female in WSC: Haruka, Yuehua, Olga, Na-rae

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