Fav Mii (Wii)

  • Female: Gwen
    • Honorable Mentions: Alisha, Helen, Ashley
  • Male: Rainer
    • Honorable Mentions: Gabriele, Hiromasa, Miguel

Least Fav Mii (Wii)

  • Female: Abby
    • Honorable Mentions: Maria, Elisa, Sakura
  • Male: Takumi
    • Honorable Mentions: Matt, Tommy, Steve

Fav Mii (Wii U)

  • Female: Mitsu
    • Honorable Mentions: Juliette, Alice, Jin-ah
  • Male: Mark
    • Honorable Mentions: Rui-Lin, Steven, Bo-Jia

Least Fav Mii (Wii U)

  • Female: Maria
    • Honorable Mentions: Barbara, Shu-Hui, Xiuping
  • Male: Joost
    • Honorable Mentions: Guillermo, Dunbar, Jeff

Worst Mii of ALL TIME!




  • Overrated
  • People say she's cute, but to me she is ugly
  • Creepy glare
  • Annoying in Basketball and Swordplay
  • Annoying in the outfield in Baseball
  • Dumb nose. It only works for some females, and she isn't one of 'em
  • Ruined multiple Solo Mode games for me
  • Got too lucky in Board Game Island multiple times

And so I say... Burn in hell, Abby. Jessie and Miyu are better.

Fav Mii I made

Least Fav Mii I made

  • None. Why the hell would I hate something that I created and keep it living?

Fav Mii on this Wiki

  • Mandy (YA79): I just think she looks pretty.

Least Fav Mii on this Wiki

  • Kate (IAmAwesome2): I don't like how overpowered and bland she is.
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