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  • My occupation is being awesome
  • I am Female

Don't believe me, just WAH-tch this:

Hello, you've reached the main admin on this wiki! I'm active most of the time. Please contact me on my Message Wall if you need help with anything!

About Me

I like making fake CPU Miis! My Miis include the High Skill Miis.

My Real Mii is Bob.

I am a 17-year old girl in high school. I live in the US. My favorite video games to play are Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and Mario Kart.

My Youtube channel is here: I just got it a few months ago.

10/25/2019- Just made #1 on the leaderboard! Yaay!

Go to Wii Sports Wiki to read more about me, especially my skill levels in all the sports and my opinions on the original CPU Miis.

Mii on My Wii

Note: this is not all the Miis on my Wii. I can't show all my Miis because of privacy issues.



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