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Hello, you've reached the main admin on this wiki! I'm active only rarely on FANDOM, see this blog.

About Me

I like making fake CPU Miis! My Miis include the High Skill Miis.

My Real Miis are Bob and Kate.

I am an adult. I live in the US. My favorite video games to play are the Wii Series (WS, WSR, WP, WSC specifically), the Mario series (basically any game of Mario Kart, NSMB, Mario Party, Super Mario Maker, and Mario 3D games that debuted on the Wii, Wii U, or Switch), and the Pokémon games.

My YouTube channel is here:

10/25/2019- Made #1 on the leaderboard! Yaay!

Go to Wii Sports Wiki to read more about me, especially my skill levels in all the sports and my opinions on the original CPU Miis.

Miis I Have


Note: this is not all the Miis on my Wii. I can't show all my Miis because of privacy issues.

Wii U

Wii's Mii Channel

Wii U's Mii Maker

All Miis listed on the Wii's Mii Channel


  • Kate
  • Bob
  • SMG4
  • Meggy
  • Tari
  • Belle (Fontiere)
  • Melony
  • Whimpu
  • Eckleo
  • Matt (Dadpleaseno)
  • Nathaniel (Bandy)

Favorites/Least Favorites

Favorites/Least Favorites Favorite Least Favorite
CPU Mii (WSR) Abby Lucía
CPU Mii (WSC) Polly? Haruka
Mii I made Kate/Dave Ramsey/Ella none
WS Sport Boxing Golf
WSR Sport Basketball Canoeing
WSC Sport Baseball Golf
Mii here (Not mine)
IRL Sport Soccer? Football
Movie Meggy's Destiny Cool Cat Saves the Kids
Musical artist Leo P? Miley Cyrus/other s*xual pop artists
Band Too Many Zooz Most modern bands
Song Anything jazzy, such as Superstition or Woodchopper's Ball WAP or other similar songs
Video Game Wii Sports/Super Mario Bros series Fortnite (because of the memes)
TV Show Doctor Who/The Big Bang Theory Daniel Tiger/Super Why
Color Orange IDK
YouTuber SMG4 Jelly/Ben Shapiro/Liberty Hangout
SMG4 character Meggy Toadsworth

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