Penny The Nerd

aka Penny

  • I live in My Grandpa’s House
  • My occupation is Student at High School
  • I am Female

I am very sad in real life, because I got kicked out of my own place. But it’s only 2 weeks. my birthday is in 5 days and I can’t go there. So I will work here and Mario Kart 9 Wiki

I am Crygor’s Granddaughter.

My favorite Miis From the original Wii series

  • Saburo (I wanna marry him)
  • Anna
  • Rin



Girl Genius!

I got it!


Does not compute...


Oh Boo!!

It Worked!

About Me

I love science! I am 15 years old.

Ranking the worst to best WarioWare Characters.


  1. Top Worst: Wario (Because his mini games are very gross)

2. Dribble And Spitz (In Warioware Smooth Moves, Even though there music is very cute and sad. It got sadder when you lose a life Spitz dies. I just don’t have interest in them)

3. Crygor (No interest but he is a good grandparent)

4. Orbulon (No Interest)

5. Jimmy T (His mustache)

6. 9 Volt and 18 Volt (No interest, Plus is 18 Volt, 18? Then why is he in 4th grade, is it just he’s tall or he has been a bad kid)


  1. Least Best: Young Cricket (he looks so cute.)
  2. 5 Volt: (She is a adorable mom.)
  3. Kat & Ana (Cutest Ninjas Ever)
  4. Me!

And my top is

Ashley! (OMG she is so adorable! I love her design in WWSM, She was very cute at the end and at the beginning. I love the sh animation and her pajama look is cute. I wanna meet her someday)

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