aka Sam

  • I live in a house
  • My occupation is mii artisan
  • I am male

I am a Mii creator, and I have 3 3DSes, and a Wii U. I hope to be able to reveal all my Miis on this wiki. I strive to publicize my Miis. I have multiple Tomodachi Islands, Emerald Island, Seafoam Island, Blue Moon Island, and Jetsetter Island. I have unique skills and nationalities for most of my miis. I’ll also clean up vandalism if needed.

I am the creator of Mii Survivor, a series of BrantSteele Sims with Miis playing Survivor. There have been 119 overall contestants in 7 seasons.

The Seasons:

Worlds Apart, Blood VS Water, David vs. Goliath, Ghost Island, YA79 Miis vs. IAA2 Miis, YA79 Miis vs. IAA2 Miis Again, Reunion Island

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