I started a new Miitopia run, and I wanted people to select the roles for me! Say who you want in the comments.

(I got the idea from YoungArtist79 , credit to him)

If a Mii has this next to their name: (CASTED) That means they have already been chosen for a role. 

Miis and avalible roles are below. Taken roles and whoever took them are below as well.

You can pick however many Miis you want.

Your choices (unless they have (CASTED) next to them)

Avalible Roles

None- All Roles Taken! (uncasted Miis will be part of pre DL and post DL Traveler's Hub quests)

Taken Roles

Main Hero: Sakurai (Cool Popstar/Chef/Warrior)

Sarcastic Guy: Mii Swordfighter

Greenhorne team: Schlatt (Stubborn Cleric), North (Energetic Mage), Charlie (Cautious Thief)

Neksdor team: East (Airheaded Cat), Simon (Cautious Scientist), Brent (Cool Imp)

Realm of the Fey team: Lindsay (Kind Princess), Piranha Plant (Energetic Flower), Alfred (Stubborn Tank)

Dark lord: Mr. Person

Sassy Child: Lucas

Great Sage: Lego Shohei

Princess: Samantha

Fab Fairy Fan 1: Conway

Fab Fairy Fan 2: Archie

Fab Fairy Fan 3: Noah

Nintendo Fan: Super All Time Favorite (SATF)

Scholary Pioneer: Sonya

Dubious Mayor: Matt

Carefree Guide: Mario

Cheery Granny: Amy

Worried Mother: Jas

King: Travis

Besmirched Nobleboy: Cooper

Prince: Julies

Roaming Gourmet: Edd

Lovey Dovey Couple: Mii Brawler and Mii Gunner

Castle Guards: Marth, Chrom, Lucina, Roy

Quizmaster: Freddy

Prodigious Postman: Curtis

Roving Photographer: Diana

Town Guide: Reggie

Genie of the Lamp: Deluxe

Fab Fairies: Lily Ann, South, Eliza

Prickly Couple: Sam and Norma

Dancing Guide: Lucy

Mischevious Wizard: Alexander Hamilton

Scardey Cat: Ike

Rambling Old Man: Scott

Injured Elf: Ted

Shady Merchant Family: Joe and Cup

Worried Explorer: Todd

Desert Celebrity: Sophia

Lazybones: Gold Mario

Green-Eyed Lady: Yoneko

Dark Curse: Iwata

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