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  • I live in America
  • I was born on August 14
  • My occupation is a student
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  • Mrluigiguy67

    Here are my current couples on my Tomodachi Life island. The island name is called Robot Island btw. I’ll include the babies/children on my island too!

    Nickolas (Me) x Rie [Married]

    • Children: Liam

    Winnie the Pooh x Rosalina [Married]

    • Children:

    Matt (WS) x Princess Peach [Married] (My Mii lookalike decided to set Matt up with Peach and it was a success!)

    • Children:

    Princess Daisy x K.K. Slider [Married] (Wasn’t expecting that one)

    Eva x Donkey Kong (I think they might propose soon!)

    Zelda x Tommy (Both of them are Outgoing Leaders, but for some reason, they cannot get along, I think they might break up soon...)

    Harry Potter x Abby (I feel like Abby should propose to Harry Potter)

    Isabelle x Bowser (It was a setup by Jigglypuff, she nailed it!)

    Asgore x …

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  • Mrluigiguy67

    (THIS IS AN OUTDATED POST) Here is my list of children born on my island so far.

    Molly (Me and Lucía’s baby girl) (Confident Adventurer)

    Ethan (Isabelle and K.K. Slider’s baby (or puppy) boy) Easygoing Softie

    Families with confirmed babies but haven’t been born yet:

    Bowser x Zelda

    Two Faced x T.Rex

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  • Mrluigiguy67

    I started a new Tomodachi Life save file and my couples are very different. So here are the couples so far on my island. Will be updated constantly. (Also, I’ll add the babies and children galleries in this blog post too. When they grow up, I’ll add their individual Mii pages.)

    Nickolas (Me) x Lucía [Married] (Yeah, I have a crush on her too. I have a crush on some of the cute female CPU Miis. Not just Rie...I feel like a jerk...) Children: Molly

    Isabelle x K.K. Slider [Married] (Idk why, but I ship this Animal Crossing couple) Children: Ethan

    Waluigi x Elisa (A strange couple for sure. But their relationship isn’t good as of right now.)

    Bowser x Zelda [Married] (Lol, another oddball couple. It happens quite often in my islands.)

    David (WS) x …

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  • Mrluigiguy67

    My 1st blog?

    April 20, 2020 by Mrluigiguy67

    I created this page so I can get Daisuke’s badge lol.

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