I started a new Tomodachi Life save file and my couples are very different. So here are the couples so far on my island. Will be updated constantly. (Also, I’ll add the babies and children galleries in this blog post too. When they grow up, I’ll add their individual Mii pages.)

Nickolas (Me) x Lucía [Married] (Yeah, I have a crush on her too. I have a crush on some of the cute female CPU Miis. Not just Rie...I feel like a jerk...) Children: Molly

Isabelle x K.K. Slider [Married] (Idk why, but I ship this Animal Crossing couple) Children: Ethan

Waluigi x Elisa (A strange couple for sure. But their relationship isn’t good as of right now.)

Bowser x Zelda [Married] (Lol, another oddball couple. It happens quite often in my islands.)

David (WS) x Rachel (I no longer ship David with Sarah. I think they’re a cuter couple :3)

Theo x Daisy [Married]

Spongebob x Toadette [Married]

Jigglypuff x Nick (WS)

T. Rex x Two Faced

Finn the human x Princess Peach

Tyrone x Barbara (WSC)

Babies Gallery

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