Here are my current couples on my Tomodachi Life island. The island name is called Robot Island btw. I’ll include the babies/children on my island too!

Nickolas (Me) x Rie [Married]

  • Children: Liam

Winnie the Pooh x Rosalina [Married]

  • Children:

Matt (WS) x Princess Peach [Married] (My Mii lookalike decided to set Matt up with Peach and it was a success!)

  • Children:

Princess Daisy x K.K. Slider [Married] (Wasn’t expecting that one)

Eva x Donkey Kong (I think they might propose soon!)

Zelda x Tommy (Both of them are Outgoing Leaders, but for some reason, they cannot get along, I think they might break up soon...)

Harry Potter x Abby (I feel like Abby should propose to Harry Potter)

Isabelle x Bowser (It was a setup by Jigglypuff, she nailed it!)

Asgore x Princess Bubblegum

Temmie (hOI!) x Eddy

Batman x Toriel

Scooby Doo x Keiko

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