So, sooner or later, I will be making and releasing a comics series, which is a spoof of Big Brother, Welcome to the House. 13 teenage contestants compete to win $1M, in 10 episodes. Each episode, someone is eliminated, until the Final 3 remain, and the jury of contestants (10th place-4th place) will vote on who deserves to win. In the future, a video on the characters will be released.

List of Characters

  • HOSTS:
    • Penguin: The show's host. Excitable, fickle, but cowardly and unused to adressing problems on the show.
    • Alien: Manipulative, persuasive, immoral in the game, "not here to make friends"
    • Ant: Screws up a lot, unconfident, but could be a contender.
    • Beary: Has a sad backstory on how his former friend killed his mom, so he is very antisocial, stubborn, selfish, and cynical, but is improving.
    • Butterfly: Creative artist, but perfectionist that wants everything to go right.
    • Cat: Pure hero, avoids conflict, selfless even when it could hurt his game, a bit inept strategically.
    • Cow: Ex-gang member, so everyone hates her at first. Also daydreams a lot.
    • Dog: Silly, excitable, positive, but competitive. Can be annoying to some contestants.
    • Kitsune: Points out flaws, good at sports, video games, and media. Obsessed with fashion and her appearance.
    • Ladybug: Hates men, opinions, very argumentative.
    • Lioness: Rich girl, poor work ethic, a bit spoiled, but is a good friend to those she likes.
    • Rabbit: Very strong, but arrogant, confrontational, a bit aggressive, and outspoken. However, he has "secret hobbies", such as the fact he is a brony and likes baby shows.
    • Tiger: Rude and selfish at times, especially to those he hates, can make a great ally. Cares more about fun than winning.
    • Wolf: Independent tomboy, shies away from popular subject matter. Okay with rule-breaking to win. Free-spirited and kind. The "normal" one of the cast.

Gallery of Characters


What are your thoughts on the concept of Welcome to the House, and the characters? What are your predictions for the comic? Let me know in the comments below!

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