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Volna is a Mii created by PaigeOfaBook, but now under the Mystic Universe.


He doesn't partake in any sports, as he usually prefers to watch them.

Names in Other Languages

Japanese: ヴォルナ (Vu~oruna)


He is quiet, slightly mysterious, and mostly reserved. Despite this, he is also quite sensible.


  • If he had a Miitopia age group, he would be listed as Child.
  • He was originally supposed to wear glasses at one point during his creation.
  • He has a twin brother named Sneg.
  • In PaigeOfaBook's Tomodachi Life Island, Volna's main catchphrase is just "...". The game pronounces this as "Dot.".
  • According to his StreetPass Mii Plaza profile:
    • He prefers cats over dogs.
    • He likes the outdoors.
    • His dream is to live long.
    • His birthdate is on the 18th of May.