This Is A Fan-Made Wii Sports Resort Game, Also This Article Was Made By Ser Jer And Larry12121

There Are 100 CPU Miis, Some Planned And Made. Just Haven't Made With An Article (Work In Progress)

(Alphabetically Order)

  1. Aiken
  2. Ark
  3. Avakon
  4. Benster
  5. Brody
  6. Cameron
  7. Cole
  8. Gair
  9. Hecter
  10. James
  11. Jamo
  12. Jasper
  13. Jimmy
  14. Jire
  15. Larry
  16. Mark
  17. Mix
  18. Phazghtion
  19. Wasp

Hidden Miis


Sports (More In The Future)

  • Archery (Target Game) (Ring Shootout)
    • Air Sports (Skydiving) (Island Flyover) (Dogfight)
    • Baseball (Standard Game) (Swinging Challenge)
    • Basketball (3 Point Contest) (3-On-3 Game)
    • Bowling (Standard Game) (100-Pin Game) (Spin Control)
    • Boxing (Match) (Dodging Practice)
    • Canoeing (Time Attack) (Vs)
    • Cycling (Road Race) (Time Attack) (Vs)
    • Frisbee (Frisbee Dog) (Frisbee Golf) (Balloon Throw)
    • Golf (Standard Game) (Target Practice)
    • Power Cruising (Slalom Course) (Vs)
    • Snowboarding (Ring Run) (Trick Count)
    • Swordplay (Duel) (Speed Slice) (Showdown) (Showdown Time Attack)
    • Table Tennis (Match) (Return Challenge)
    • Tennis (Match) (Target Shootout)
    • Wakeboarding (Standard) (Double Boarding)
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