Wim is a Mii in Wii Sports, created by Teh Sweggurboi. He is the Champion in Wii Play's Billiards, and he is one of the few to have earned the Platinum Billiards Medal. His record is an incredible 75 points, the highest score ever. As a kid he already liked playing Billiards; he had a pool table at home and he often played with his father. When he was 20, he always played Billiards in the weekends in his favorite cafe (where he also used to play darts, another sport he likes to do), and that is where he became really good. So good that his friends said he could easily make it on Pro level, and Wim followed their advice: He came to Wii Sports and rapidly gained Pro status, and finally became the Billiards Champion.

Wii Sports

After Billiards, Bowling is his best sport. He is good at aiming, throws at high speed of about 20 to 25 mph and has a talent for throwing Strikes and picking up Spares. However, his condition has worsened over the years, amongst others because he drinks a lot of beer, and that causes him troubles sometimes. In Tennis and Boxing for example he is quite slow.

Tennis = 148
Baseball = 384
Bowling = 1522
Golf = 559
Boxing = 177

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