Title High Skill Mii Basketball Vice Champion
Gender Male
Favorite Color Black
Level Tennis: 4500

Baseball 4356-4612

Boxing 700

Basketball: 12984 (High Skill Mii Vice Champion)

Table Tennis: 12950

Swordplay: 12741

Xavier is a CPU Mii from New Wii Sports, New Wii Sports Resort, and New Wii Sports Club.

Wii Sports

In Tennis his level is around 4500 and plays with Santa. In Baseball his skill is 4356-4612 and plays with Noval, Sakura, Nick, Tixata, Helen, Sota 2 and Jippy. In Boxing his level is 700.

Wii Sports Resort

His level in Basketball is 12984 and plays with Jippy and Sota 2. He is the High Skill Mii Vice Champion of Basketball. His level in Swordplay is 12950. In Table Tennis, his skill is 12741.

Wii Sports Club

In everything his Grade is ★11.


  • He is the best High Skill Mii in Wii Sports Resort, by Overall Skill Level. He is tied with Douglas for the best High Skill Mii by Overall Skill Level in Wii Sports Resort.
  • He is only one of two High Skill Miis to be on a team with an X Class Mii, the other being Jippy. However, Xavier only plays with an X Class Mii when he is on Jippy's team.
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