Xie is a Mii for Switch Sports Resort. She is Ranked #4 Out of all the Miis. With only Aaron. Addison, and Justin being the only Miis that are better.

Switch Sports Resort

She is the champion in Table Tennis. She barely misses her hits and her skill is 1495-1500 Points. In Karate she is a pro with 1300-1305 Points. In Basketball she is a pro with 1400-1405 and doubles up with Avery and Sadaila. She plays on Tasumi and Uart’s Team. She is a pro in archery with 1010-1015. In Frisbee Golf she is a pro with 1080-1085 and doubles up with Tasumi. And plays on Urvana’s Team. She is a high pro in Cycling coming 2nd out of 95

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