Yamato is a Japanese CPU Mii in Wii Sports. He is created by Teh Sweggurboi and as stated he resembles a Japanese sportsman. His skill levels in every sport are based on how good his country Japan is at those sports in real life. For example, he is good at sports such as Sumo wrestling, Judo, Karate, Table Tennis and Baseball. Yamato is a Buddhist and Shintoist and he is very polite. He is a Pokémon fanatic and in his spare time, he likes to sing karaoke and go to the Kabuki theater, and he practices many martial arts.

Wii Sports

Yamato is Pro at two sports from Wii Sports: Baseball and Boxing. In Baseball, he is in the Wii Sports champions' team, a team composed of the nine best players from Wii Sports. Yamato is a fast lightweight boxer, who has especially trouble to beat heavier opponents, but thanks to his will to become better and better, he maintains himself in the Boxing subtop. In Golf, he has a skill level of only 484, while he likes the sport very much. He desperately tries to become better, but until now it seems that he just isn't talented enough, although it is not in his nature to ever admit that or give up. Yamato also had to fight for his Tennis level of 642, but he is obviously better at it than at Golf. He often plays his matches with George, Luca and Shinnosuke.

Tennis = 642
Baseball = 1982 (PRO)
Bowling = 239
Golf = 484
Boxing = 1570 (PRO)

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