20191217 211502
Title Skydiving Pro
Gender Female
Favorite Color Cyan and Blue
Level Tennis: 243

Baseball: 884

Boxing: 758

Basketball: 936

Table Tennis: 483

Swordplay: 437

Cycling: 2500 (PRO)

YoshiGirl is a CPU Mii. She is nice, shy, and friendly once you get to know her! She is 16 and her b-day is June 22nd. She's lived in Wuhu Island for a long time (doesn't remember how long) She does have a crush on Nick!

Wii Sports

She's ok at Tennis with a level 243, and she teams up with Manuel. She's good at baseball with level 884. Her team members are Manuel, Daniella, Kevin, Yuki, Yuku, Ryan, Kathrin, and Keiko. She is almost a pro in Bowling, with level 902. She is ok with Golf with level 221, but is not good at it. In boxing, she is level 758, which is good, but she does move pretty quick!

Wii Sports Resort

She's good at Swordplay Duel with Level 437! In Speed Slice, she is level 440. YoshiGirl is at max level in Showdown, and finished all levels. She sometimes would do a staredown with Nick when she's in the mood to. On Wakeboarding, she's ok with level 242. In Frisbee Dog, she's level 612, but on Frisbee Golf, she's level 471, both of them are good. In archery, she's ok with level 201. In Basketball 3-Point Contest, she's a level 761, but in Pickup Game, she's a level 936 and her teammates being Daniella and Kevin. In Table Tennis Match, she's a level 483. But in the Return Challenge, she's a level 312. In Golf, she's a level 166, which is a meh. In Bowling, for Standard Game, her level is 367, for 100-Pin Game, the level is 236 and has done the strike trick, and in Spin Control, her level is 127. In Power Cruising, she's a level 948, which is really good! For Canoeing, her level is 460. In Cycling, she's at max level. In the Air Sports, her level is 1502 on Skydiving, making her a pro, and having 79 out 80 I points in Island Flyover.

Wii Sports Club

Coming Soon!

Wii Party

YoshiGirl is a Standard Mii. In Hide and Peek, her favorite hiding spot is the statue. She is very quick on Chin Up Champ.

Wii Party U

YoshiGirl is a Expert Mii. Very good on Ice Spinners and Super Snow Sliders.

Wii Play

She has a Platinum Medal in Charge!

Wii Play Motion

Has a Platinum Medal in Veggie Guardin'! Will mostly if she accidentally hits a mii she cares for the most (Mostly Nick and Ryan)

Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus

She likes to go cycling around the island. She mostly jogs with the guides (aka the CPUs). She is known as the Snowball Fight Master.

Wii Fit U

She likes to do some of the Dance Classes. Enjoys doing part time at Dessert Course when her friend is not around or available.


  • She has autism.
  • She is really sensitive and doesn't take a joke seriously at times.
  • She is heat sensitive as well, if she stays put in the sun for a while, she'll pass out.
  • she lives in the top blue house at Hillside Cabins.
  • People say she looks like Gabi.
  • She also is in Pilotwings Resort, being in the Wuhu Sky Club as Platinum member.

Relationships (mostly headcanons)

Haru - A really great friend! Hangs out with her at school mostly during lunch and they mostly talk about their crushes. Likes seeing her from time to time.

Work in Progress


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