Zang-hou is a CPU Mii. Pronounced "zang-hoo".

Wii Sports

His level in Tennis is 135,000 and plays with Ying-bon or Motak. His level in Baseball is 68,500 and has a team of Leng-kuh, Motak, Ying-bon, Radai-beng, Bang-hox, Zhang, Shunta, and Funta. His level in Boxing is 1,000,003.


Wii Sports Resort

His level in Basketball is 500,000 and plays with Ying-bon and Bang-hox. His level in Swordplay Duel & Speed Slice is 405,321. He is the boss of level 26 in Swordplay Showdown. This is the level where Headless Monks start to appear.


  • He's Chinese.
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