Zoey is a Player and CPU Mii. She appears in almost every game Cooper is in, often being on his team or his partner.


Title Mii Fighter and Jr. Pilot
Gender Female
Favorite Color Dark Purple
Level Swordplay : 2390

Boxing : 2375 Jr. Platinum Class in Pilotwings Resort

Zoey first appeared in Wii Sports Resort. She then appeared in an update to Wii Sports. On the 3DS, she appears in Mario Kart 7, being updated for her Pilotwings Resort appearance. She then appears in Tomodachi life. On the Wii U, she appears in Nintendo Land and Mario Kart 8 and is updated again for her Super Smash Bros. For Wii U appearance. She appears in the same sports that Cooper does.

Powers and Abilities

Zoey seems to be quite strong, her strength being close to Cooper's. In fact, she appears in Boxing and Swordplay 2 Miis before Cooper does. She also is a Swordplay Showdown Boss.

Friends and Foes

Zoey is very close friends with Cooper. Sometimes they are said to be dating. She is best friends with Jaelyn, Rachel, and Kylie. Zoey's arch-rival is Ben. Despite being stronger than him, Ben still tries to get a win against her in Boxing. Her other rivals are Jakob, Bray, and TJ.

Pet Peeves

Zoey hates it when people are teasing others. She also dislikes eating rare hamburgers.

Playing Her

Zoe appears in the same sports Cooper does. In the same games as well. In Boxing, she can K.O you in 4 or 5 punches! She moves a little bit slow in Boxing, but quite a bit faster than Cooper. In Swordplay, she can knock you out of the ring in 4 hits! She is also fought in Maka Wuhu! If you have Haxi's sword or gloves, she will be much easier.


  • Her favorite food is Chocolate Chip French Toast with blueberry sryup.
  • With Cooper's help, she built the Whale Shark. It is the blimp on Wuhu Island.
  • She once K.O'd Ben with 2 punches! She also has a 1 in 20 chance to do this to you!
  • She can do 9 backflips in a row! As well as a perfect cartwheel!


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